The Hotel Room On Wheels

The idea of a hotel room on wheels might sound like a concept from the latest science fiction blockbuster, but it could soon become a reality. Researchers from Xoio, an architectural and design company, aim to make long boring car rides a thing of the past with the Swift Pod. The futuristic concept vehicle features a large sleeping pod where two travelers can snooze as they’re chauffeured on their journey. Passengers who are in the mood for a midnight snack won’t have to stop, as the car will even provide snacks and drinks. The Swift Pod is based on the simple idea of traveling long distances at a reasonable speed while being asleep. Two single beds offer sleeping space for two passengers, providing the ability to sleep upright or lie down on a comfortable bed. Customers will order online, entering their desired destination and time they would like to arrive. A navigation system will then autonomously calculate the required speed to reach the desired destination within the goal time frame. Unfortunately, the Swift Pod is still very much a concept, and it remains unclear when it will become a reality.