Amazon Abandons “Just Walk Out” Checkout System At Its Supermarkets

Amazon continues to evolve its supermarket presence but has made the decision to remove its “Just Walk Out” system completely, based on shopper feedback and recent layoffs. The company first introduced the technology in 2016 as a new and fresh way to shop for groceries. Amazon Prime members could scan their QR code to get into the Amazon Go Grocery store, grab what they needed, and leave without having to wait in line or use a credit card. However, Just Walk Out depended on over 1,000 Amazon employees who watched and labeled videos to ensure precise checkouts. Using this system of cameras and sensors, Amazon was able to track shoppers’ groceries, and they would later receive their bill through their Amazon account. Fast-forward to 2024 and American shoppers are very budget-conscious, feeling uneasy about received their bill hours after leaving the store. Just like an online shopping cart, shoppers prefer to see their spending in real time. Given the change in shopping habits, Amazon has decided that the Just Walk Out system no longer works for the majority.