Company Charges Skittish Customers $50 To Drive Them Over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Scared of bridges but still want to get to the beach? For $50 each way, a Maryland businessman is willing to get behind the wheel of your car and drive you across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, one of the more anxiety-producing structures built over water. Kent Island Express is one of three companies that offers the service, profiting off “gephyrophobia” — a fear of bridges. A 4.3-mile stretch in Maryland leading to several popular vacation areas, the Bay Bridge is known was one of the scariest bridges in the world. Drivers who are afraid to tackle the drive can call Kent Island Express approximately one hour before they are set to arrive. A meeting location is determined, and a company employee is then in charge of doing the driving. The drive-over service is available from 5 a.m. to midnight, with driver-overs after 8 p.m. extra. Approximately 6,000 people use the service regularly, with the company handling 20-30 drive-overs a day during the peak summer vacation months.