Tiny NYC Studio Hits the Market For Eye-Popping Rent

A tiny apartment with a layout dubbed “New York City’s worst” has sparked outrage online after the price of the monthly rent was revealed. The bizarre studio in the Soho neighborhood boasts several unique but entirely undesirable features, including a half-finished shower located immediately behind the door. The unusual setup continues into the kitchen, which is located less than 3 feet away and where a stove has been plopped randomly in front of a countertop. Meanwhile, the unit’s bathroom consists of just a tiny toilet — no light, no sink, no mirror. To make matters worse, the shabby apartment is listed for a whopping $3,495 a month. While realtors describe it as “charming,” the big sell is…….location, location, location. It’s conveniently located to the best shopping and restaurants New York City has to offer. Social media users say location doesn’t override the fact that the tiny apartment is similar to being in jail cell. Comments include: “$3,495 for a roach motel?," “That price doesn’t leave much left over for therapy because of the depression you’ll get for living there,” and “Hopefully, the landlord gets reported for violations.”