Rare Gold Lego Piece Listed For $14.95 Sells For $18,101

Introduced in 2001, Lego’s Bionicle line ran for 9 years, with a short revival in 2015 and 2016. While somewhat divisive, Bionicles gained a loyal fanbase. Known for their intricate backstories, the characters from the fictional island were closer to action figures than traditional Legos, and their ball-and-socket joints allowed for a wide range of movement. Lego created just 30 golden Kanohi Hau masks, all released during a 2001 giveaway. There were 25 given away, and 5 remained for people who actually worked at Lego. Now, one of those pieces has resurfaced at a Goodwill in Pennsylvania, where it was listed for $14.95. After people began offering $1,000 to buy it, the staff at Goodwill realized they had something truly unique. In late February, Goodwill put the piece up for auction. One bidder offered $33,000, but ultimately failed to produce the funds. After 48 bids, the golden Kanohi Hau mask sold for $18,101, with the second bid being $18,100. Goodwill says all the money from the auction will go back into their mission to provide jobs and training opportunities.