Quirky English Pub Bulldozed After a Fire To Be Rebuilt As It Was

The owners of a quirky 18th century British pub, unlawfully bulldozed after a mysterious fire last year, were ordered on Tuesday by a local council to rebuild it just as it was before. The pub — known as the Crooked House for its leaning walls and tilting foundation — was favored by many locals in the village of Himley in central England. The pub was originally a farmhouse when it was built in 1765 and subsequently began sinking on one side as a result of extensive coal mining in the area. Its demise saddened many in the village, about 130 miles northwest of London, and became the subject of a criminal investigation. Three people were arrested in connection with the blaze, but no one was charged. Two weeks later, the pub was bulldozed without authorization, which raised questions among local residents. Determined to see the Crooked House returned to its former glory, the townspeople began a petition called “Save the Crooked House.” The South Staffordshire Council said it had engaged with the owners and now ordered that the pub be rebuilt back to the way it was prior to the fire by February 2027 — including leaning walls and a tilting foundation — or face prosecution. 
Crooked House prior to the fire