Australian Farm Grows Blueberry the Size of a Golf Ball

Australian fresh produce company Costa Group recently set a new Guinness Record for the world’s heaviest blueberry when they managed to grow a 20.4-gram fruit roughly the size of a golf ball. The record-breaking blueberry was from the Eterna variety, which is known for yielding consistently large fruit without compromising on flavor. Interestingly, one of the growers in charge of this particular farm said that this blueberry was one of at least 20 fruits of similar size spotted during harvesting. After measuring and weighing, it was discovered that the fruit beat the former heaviest blueberry by over 4 grams. The previous world record was for a 16.20-gram blueberry grown in Western Australia in 2020. Eterna was already known for its large fruit, crisp texture, and long shelf-life, but this new world record solidified its reputation as the blueberry Goliath.