Adrenaline Junkie Horrifies Onlookers As She Dangles Over 1,640-Foot Cliff By Her Ankles

Kristin Torres dropped by the Devil’s Pool on the edge of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, South Africa, with her husband Ryan. A tour guide who offers her clients the opportunity to visit the world’s largest waterfall, Kristin left viewers horrified by hanging over the 1,640-foot drop, with nothing but her husband's hands around her ankles to hold her in place. The 39-year-old admits that the stunt was nerve-wracking due to the extremely strong water pressure from the raging current. Unfortunately, it was so upsetting to some of her scheduled tour clients that they backed out. Kristin said visiting the falls was on her bucket list and confirmed that the site was breathtaking. Social media users were quick to comment, with some saying the stunt was risky and questioning its safety, while some complimented Kristin’s courage. Since visiting the Devil’s Pool, Kristin is now encouraging other daring tourists to visit, playing down how quickly things can go wrong.