Meet Rope Daddy: The Special French Bulldog Valued At $120,000

Rope Daddy is an exceptional specimen of Big Rope, one of the most sought-after varieties of French Bulldog, whose genetic traits make him worth around $120,000. The American Kennel Club reveals that the global number of French Bulldogs has increased by over 1,000% in the last decade, helping dethrone the Golden Retriever as the world’s most popular dog breed. The Big Rope variety is characterized by a small, compact, muscular body, with a large square head. Even among other Big Rope specimens, Rope Daddy stands out as exceptional, making him the world’s most expensive French Bulldog. Sporting a beautiful cream-brown coat, mesmerizing golden eyes, compact body, and square head, Rope Daddy embodies all the best traits of his breed. Caring for such a majestic specimen isn’t cheap. His owner, Julian Montoya, says he spends around $350 a month on the dog’s diet alone, which includes raw meat, carrots, and Greek yogurt, as well as vitamins and supplements. Apart from their sought-after physical characteristics, Big Rope Bulldogs are also extremely friendly, have a balanced temperament, and are less prone to health-related issues than other French Bulldog varieties.