Toronto Residents Are Furious After City Council Bans Tobogganing

Toronto City Council’s decision to ban tobogganing on 45 hills in the local area over safety fears has left residents furious. The authority has put up signs warning people to keep off the snow-covered slopes during the winter. Adventurers are directed to a website that maps out the city’s 29 designated toboggan hills for use in 27 parks. City Council member Brad Bradford, who uses the hills to toboggan with his children, believes the move does nothing more than confirm Toronto’s reputation of “no fun.” Calling the decision “misguided big bureaucracy,” he likened it to an attempt to ban street hockey in the past. Bradford confessed that he doesn’t think the signs will stop anyone from tobogganing on the hills and insists that people understand the risks and should be allowed to make their own decisions. Mother-of-two Ricki Gurwitz said, “The fear of liability is ruining modern childhood.”