American Living In London Talks About What She Hates About Living There…….and It’s Not the Weather

Aurora Lofton is an American woman living in London. She recently took to social media to share her pet peeve about living across the pond.....and it's not the weather. She first mentioned that she doesn’t like the confusing street signs, as well as the lack of American snacks at movie theaters, including popcorn drenched in butter. Her main complaint, however, is how long food lasts. “I am used to the American way,” she explained. “We just pipe our food with loads of preservatives. It’s not that great for you, but it makes life a little bit easier.” Lofton went on to explain that the British don’t have as many preservatives in their food, which means when you go to the grocery store, you need to eat that food within the next 2-3 days. Holding up a loaf of bread, she went on to say, “I literally have mold on my bread within four days.” Pointing out that she hates to waste food, she went on to say that she now has to be more proactive about grocery shopping. Needless to say, Brits responded to her comments with a variety of opinions. One commenter said: “So you’re telling me American bread doesn’t go bad? Is it made of plastic?” Another commenter posted: “‘Not great for you but it makes life easier’ is the most beautiful way to sum up the American situation.” Lofton did, however, get some good advice from one commenter who said, “Freeze the bread, take it out by the slice, and put the bread in the fridge when you buy it.” Lofton’s post came on the heels of Consumer Reports calling for food additives, including dyes and chemicals, to be banned in the U.S.