The City With the Most Expensive Real Estates Turns Out NOT To Be New York City

New York City is viewed as the most expensive city to live in, but now there’s proof that Boston takes that title. It turns out that its historic brownstones and upscale apartment blocks with every amenity imaginable has pushed the average price per square foot to a staggering $2,663, nearly $300 a foot more than it costs to live in the Big Apple. The cheapest place to live appears to be Gary, Indiana, where the typical property sells for $39,000, at just $18 per square foot. Other cities that join Gary in being on the lower end of the scale include West Helena, Ark., at $23 per square foot, Appalachia, Va., at $25 per square foot, and Peoria, IL., at $27 per square foot. Cities joining Boston on the top end of the scale include New York City at $2,366 per square foot, Miami Beach at $2,448 per square foot, and Snowmass Village, Colo., at $2,426 per square foot. Experts say the price variations come down to supply and demand, pushing prices either up or down.