Finally — An Answer To Why Ben Affleck Looks So Unhappy

Actor Ben Affleck’s tired face in public has become the poster meme for misery. He was recently labeled the “unhappiest man in Hollywood” after a series of off-looking appearances with his wife, Jennifer Lopez. In a recent interview, the Good Will Hunting star hinted at the real reason he looks angry, tired, sad, or a combination of them all in paparazzi shots. He confessed that he’s simply “not built to be famous” and that his celebrity is not valuable to him. The actor added that although popularity comes with being an actor, it's not all about exposure for him. Affleck went on to explain that people associate attention with narcissism and self-absorption, and that’s not him. He said that behind the scenes, his life is not as exciting as the characters he plays, but that we’ve build a culture of celebrity that makes us believe otherwise. While Affleck's aversion to press attention may explain his sick-and-tired face in public, he clarified that his “unhappy resting face” is just how God made him.