Woman Who Thought She Had Found Her Doppelgänger Discovered It Was Actually Her Twin

Ano Sartania was surprised when a friend asked her why she had dyed her hair blonde. The friend had spotted a video on social media and had assumed that the woman in the video was Ano as a blonde. When Ano was shown the video, she was shocked at how much like her the woman looked. It turns out that the other woman — Tako Khvitia — was actually Ano’s twin sister. What the twins didn't know was that shortly after their birth, they had fallen victim to an adoption ring peddling babies to wealthy families. Born in Kirtski, Georgia, on June 20, 2002, neither had any idea the other existed until they were 19 years old. An investigation into their case revealed that their mother, Aza Shoni, had slipped into a coma after giving birth to the twins, and when she woke up she was told they had been stillborn. Their father, Gocha Gakhaira, believing that the twins weren’t his, sold them to a black market operation that would eventually adopt them out to two separate families. When Ano saw the video of Tako, she joined a Facebook group called Vedzeb, which translated means “I’m looking for.” Through the group, the young women were finally able to connect with each other. They also learned about a brother and sister, as well as the whereabouts of their mother, who had since moved to Germany. As for their father, DNA tests revealed that Gakhaira was indeed their biological father. He now wants a relationship with the twins, but they say that will never happen.