What Mechanics Say You Should Keep in Your Glove Compartment

What would eventually come to be known as a glove compartment started out as a tool storage box built into the wood-paneled dash of the 1900 Packard Model B. In addition to the car’s crank, it also turned out to be a handy place to stash gloves, which were an essential accessory for driving an early 20th century vehicle lacking heat, a hard top, and power steering on the country’s mostly unpaved roads. While cranks are no longer a necessity, it's helpful to keep a few other key items in your glove compartment. According to mechanics, a well-prepared glove compartment is a mechanic’s best friend. The things you really need to store there include a flashlight, your vehicle’s manual, proof of insurance and registration, a tire pressure gauge, a mini first aid kit, pen and paper, a multi-tool (pliers, screwdriver, knife), and spare fuses.