Russian Electric Car Prototype Becomes the Laughing Stock of the Internet

The Amber Yantar, a new electric vehicle prototype from Russia, has been dubbed the world’s ugliest car because of its bizarre, unattractive design. Prototypes normally have eye-catching designs that capture the imagination of prospective buyers. That doesn't seem to be the case with the Russian prototype. In fact, it's become the laughing stock of the Internet, with photos of its unflattering exterior doing the rounds on social media. Avtotor announced its plans to begin producing up to 50,000 of the electric cars in 2025. Very few technical details have been revealed, but it will apparently be very affordable. It comes with a 25kW/h battery, and motorists will be able to rent batteries instead of buying them. The car will reach a top speed of 65mph, which isn’t that impressive. After the shockingly uninspired design of the Yantar sparked a flurry of memes, the company has been trying to save face by claiming that the car will have a totally different design when it goes into production, but most people aren’t buying that story.