The Surprising Reason You Can't Bring Camouflage Clothing on a Cruise

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, be aware that dress codes are still a thing. In fact, clothing recommendations are quite common, as some of the best cruise lines have formal nights, dress-to-impress evenings, and planned costume or themed cruise events. So, rules about what you can and cannot wear are normal. The one thing you need to be aware of us that camouflage clothing is not permissible on cruises. That’s because most countries prohibit it because it’s reserved for military personnel only. If you do happen to try and wear camouflage in countries such as Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, or Grenada, you could be fined and/or arrested. No cute camo pants are worth that. If you happen to board a ship, forgetting about the camouflage rule, just leave it in your suitcase — don’t even wear it on the ship. Other things you need to leave at home include hot plates, steamers, irons, electric blankets, and — believe it or not — drones. Each cruise line lists prohibited items on their website, so be sure to consult that information prior to packing.