Massive Inflatable Santa Claus Is a Mystery In One Texas Neighborhood

Residents of the festive-sounding Hollytree neighborhood in Tyler, Texas, were surprised and delighted by the sudden appearance of an enormous inflatable Santa Claus on La Costa Drive. You know what they say…everything is bigger in Texas, but where did it come from? The gargantuan St. Nick just showed up out of nowhere and sits on a vacant lot. Since then, it has been a big hit with folks in the neighborhood, especially the kids. The merry inflatable has been attracting visitors from elsewhere as well, with locals from the Tyler area arriving in droves to take family photos and post them on social media. So who might have placed the colossal Kris Kringle there? “Nobody lives on this lot, so we don’t know who installed Santa,” said Hollytree resident Marsha Daugherty. Some see it as welcome sign for the real Santa Claus, who is due to arrive later this month. Others say it’s someone’s commentary on America’s economic inflation. No matter who put it there or why, it’s definitely the makings of a new Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel. Perhaps a good title would be “Magical Mystery Claus.”