Cat Gives the Phrase “Take a Flying Leap” New Meaning

When Alice Reed of Newfoundland, Canada, couldn’t find her cat Coco, she never dreamed she would spot him atop a utility pole in the neighborhood. She immediately called the police, who in turn contacted the utility company for assistance in bringing the feline down. Reid filmed the video below of the attempted rescue and captured the moment Coco evaded the grasp of the utility worker by taking a flying leap from the top of the pole. Reid said she never dreamed her cat would jump from that kind of height. Once Coco hit the ground, he took off running and later showed up at home, miraculously uninjured. “He came up the step and went on in,” she said. “Then he laid down on the floor and started washing himself like nothing ever happened.” Reid said the daredevil cat is on house arrest for the time being. "He's crying to get outdoors and I'm trying to keep him in," she said. "He's going to have to get used to being in the house more."