Louis Vuitton Is Mercilessly Mocked Over Boots That Look Like Human Legs

Louis Vuitton has ignited a social media firestorm over its knee-high boots that have been made to look like real human legs. The French luxury brand has described the $2,470 Illusion High Boots as the “standout look” of their fall/winter show, but fans couldn’t disagree more. The eye-catching footwear is shaped to resemble the lower half of a real human leg, complete with a white Louis Vuitton sock and one black high-heeled pump, and are offered in two different skin tones. Available in knee-high or ankle length, the boots are made of calf leather and can be worn by simply unzipping the side to ensure an easy fit. The bizarre creation has left fans divided, with some praising its ingenuity, while others have branded it a mistake by the designer.