Indonesian City Has One Car-Free Day a Week

If you ask people who are from outside Indonesia what they’ve heard about Jakarta, the typical answer is “terrible traffic.” Nobody is going to deny the fact that Jakarta has some traffic issues that the city is trying to overcome. However, with the recent opening of the Mass Rapid Transit system (MRT), things are looking brighter. Nevertheless, Jakarta plans to continue it’s weekly “car-free Sunday,” which is exactly what it sounds like. You may be wondering how a city of well over 10 million people can operate with no cars on Sunday. First, not all roads throughout the city become car-free. There are designated zones within the city that are completely blocked off to motorcycles and cars, and they’re typically where people gather to cycle, run, jog, skateboard, or simply walk. Unlike marathons, car-free day in Jakarta doesn’t place pressure on participants to perform. It’s all about relaxing and enjoying the outdoors at your own pace. Much of the closed-down area becomes a large street market, where people can enjoy drinks and snacks, along with everything from clothing, arts and crafts, and even electronics. There are also free outdoor exercise classes for people to try out.