California Teen Is Sworn In As An Attorney After Passing the State Bar Exam At 17

Peter Park, from Visalia, Calif., is no stranger to early success, starting high school when he was just 13 and beginning a 4-year juris doctor program at Northwestern University School of Law while he was still in high school. He graduated high school in 2021 and focused on law school, graduating from Northwestern this year. He became a law clerk for the Tulare County District Attorney’s office in August, turned 18 in late November, and was sworn in as an attorney last week, making him the youngest attorney in California. The California State Bar Exam is notoriously difficult and widely considered to be one of the toughest in the United States. Nevertheless, Park passed it on his first attempt. He has now been hired as the Deputy District Attorney for Tulare County. He said he became an attorney because he is driven by a moral obligation to uphold liberty, equality and justice in society.