Why Non-Professionals Should Never Try To Repair a Broken Microwave

While the average do-it-yourselfer can safely disassemble most household appliances by taking simple precautions like unplugging the product’s power cord or switching off the circuit breaker to prevent voltage from reaching the product, taking a microwave apart can be considerably more dangerous. That’s because an unplugged microwave carries enough residual current to kill you, even if it’s been unplugged for months. That’s why it’s recommended that only experienced professionals access and replace internal components. High voltage capacitors are used in microwaves, and the professionals know how to discharge them so they are emptied of any current. There are quite a few microwave repairs you can do that are less risky, including replacing the turntable motor, filters, door handle, light bulbs, and door latch. Of course, you should always make sure to unplug the power cord, even when making the simple repairs just mentioned.