How To Get Past a Paywall To Read An Article For Free

Over the past several years, countless websites have added paywalls. If you want to read their articles, you have to sign up and pay a monthly subscription cost. Some sites have a “metered” paywall — meaning you can read a certain number of articles for free before they ask you for money — while others have a hard paywall, where you’ll have to pay to read even one article. There are, however, ways around the paywalls. One method is to paste the headline into the search bar on Google. The article should appear as the first result, so just click to read it for free. Some paywall sites let readers arriving from Facebook read articles for free, and this method works even if you don’t have a Facebook account. Just open the article you want to read and to go the address bar of your web browser. Paste before the URL of the paywall article and open the page. That will show you a Facebook redirect page, and you can click "Follow Link" to open the website. The paywall article should now be free to read. Another quick way is to open the paywall articles in an incognito window in your web browser. This method works with metered paywalls only. If you’ve used up your free article quota for the month on any website, opening its articles in an incognito window could let you keep reading without paying. Finally, disable JavaScript in your browser. This method may not let you view comments, and some sites may not load at all, but it’s worth a try if you just need to read the content of the post.