When McDonald’s Gave Their Customers Sharp Objects With Their Food

The only thing better than getting free stuff is getting free stuff from McDonald’s. What’s better than getting rewarded to throw back some crispy chicken nuggets, the classic Big Mac, or golden delicious fries? Ever since McDonald’s inception in 1940 in San Bernardino, Calif., the fast-food franchise has been a trailblazer in several aspects, including its bold promotional and marketing schemes. Take, for instance, the McRazor. When customers opened their baga of fast-food and reached in to grab some fries, they probably didn't expect to grab a sharp, metal object meant to shave people’s faces, but in the 1970s that’s exactly what McDonald’s gave its customers. In 1978, the burger joint launched a promotional scheme to give customers a free razor with every breakfast entree. Why? Apparently, the nation was going razor-crazy because Bic had just invented disposable razors. If you're thinking that sounds dangerous and surely they didn’t provide them to children, you would be wrong. Any child that was with an adult could get their hands on their very own Gillette MicroTrac Razor. Sure enough, the razors caused all sorts of drama, and tons of lawsuits followed the campaign. Several people even claimed to find razors inside their breakfast sandwiches. For obvious reasons, McDonald’s finally gave up giving sharp objects to their customers.