Stranded Sheep Rescued After 2 Years of Loneliness At the Base of a Scottish Cliff

A sheep dubbed “Britain’s loneliest sheep” has finally been rescued by five strapping farmhands after the animal was stuck on a beach for two years. Fiona the sheep was first seen at the base of a cliff by a kayaker in Sutherland, Scotland. Hemmed in by sheer cliffs and the frigid narrow sea inlet, there was enough hay and water for her to survive. After several animal rescue organizations determined that a rescue would be much too complicated, a group of local farmers managed to haul the sheep up the cliff, and though it went well, there was one unforeseen difficulty…….Fiona was very fat. Whatever else she was doing on the isolated beach, she definitely spent a lot of time eating. Despite being in perfect condition, she had grown an enormous fleece. Once Fiona was safe on firm pasture again, the farmers set about relieving her of the gigantic fleece, which is dangerous to sheep because if they fall onto their backs, it’s almost impossible for them to get up. Fiona’s massive fleece went to a special wool weaver where it was made into clothing for a charity auction. Fiona, now slim and trim, is living out her days at the Dalscone Farm Fun, a farm where visitors can meet and feed the animals and enjoy other outdoor activities.