Retiring Cook Makes “Special” Cake For Colleagues That Backfires

A retiring Dutch cook who wanted to say goodbye to her colleagues in a special way wound up being sued. The cook, known only as Mariska, had worked in a Zeeland hotel alongside her colleagues for several years and wanted to part ways with them in a memorable way. Because cannabis is legal in the Netherlands, they had discussed a cannabis-infused “space cake” many times, but had never actually gotten around to making one. That’s when Mariska decided to make one as a parting gift for her colleagues. On her last day on the job, she left behind the surprise cake, along with a note advising them to only eat it after working hours. Unfortunately, some of them just couldn’t wait. Not knowing there was cannabis in the cake, two of Mariska’s colleagues ate a few slices, something they would end up regretting. One began feeling extremely tired and eventually lost consciousness. Even after waking up, he felt so bad that he couldn’t even make it home and had to spend the night at the hotel. Another colleague became nauseous and then reportedly slept very poorly. Both men ended up taking Mariska to court for her surprise farewell gift. The judge described Mariska’s actions as “a bad prank gone wrong” and sentenced her to 60 days of community service and ordered her to pay compensation to her co-workers in the amount of $800 each.