New Zealand Town Is Tormented By Celine Dion “Music Battles”

She’s topped the charts around the world, has a legion of fans, and has won countless awards, but one New Zealand town says its had enough of Celine Dion. That’s because there’s been a battle of the wills going on in the city of Porirua, with cars driving the streets blasting out her ballads at 2 a.m. Participants of the so-called siren battles say they’re merely expressing themselves. The idea is to play music from emergency warning sirens that are the loudest and clearest. Songs like “My Heart Will Go On” and “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” blast from cars that have as many as 7-10 sirens. Participants take weeks to prepare, soldering speakers and amplifiers to frames that sit on their cars. A petition by the residents has amassed hundreds of signatures, and numerous calls have been made to the Porirua City Council to stop people blasting music all night. Mayor Anita Baker said she was sick to death of the battles and wanted participants to stop. Police have received up to 40 reports of incidents since February, but so far no action has been taken.