Atlanta Woman Charged More Than $7,000 For a Subway Sandwich Can’t Get Her Money Back

The price of just about everything is going up these days, but you certainly wouldn’t expect to be charged $7,000 for a Subway sandwich. That, however, is exactly what happened to Vera Conner of Atlanta, Ga. She recently ordered a #4 from Subway, which is the Supreme Meats Sandwich. She should have been charged $7.54, but when she received her credit card statement, there was a Subway charge for $7,112.98. After investigating further, Conner noticed that the number on the tip line matched several numbers of her telephone number. She now believes that the screen changed to “tip” when she was trying to enter her phone number to collect her Subway rewards points. She thought it would be simple fix to get a refund, but the Subway store manager refused to discuss the matter with her. She disputed the charge with her credit card company, Bank of America, but they denied her request for a reversal. Once Conner took her story to social media, Subway responded immediately by saying that they were in the process of requesting a chargeback with Bank of America. As for Conner’s feelings about the price of the sandwich — “I could have gone to Italy and gotten the sandwich!”