Use Curb Alerts To Get Free Stuff In Your Neighborhood

In these economic times, when the cost of living is skyrocketing, you have to get creative. The good news is that no matter how chaotic things get, some fundamental economic rules always apply — like the fact that you can often substitute sweat equity for cash. Using time and effort as currency is as old as society itself, and you can use that currency in more ways than you think by incorporating "curb alerts" into your life. A curb alert is an announcement that someone has placed free items on the street, including things like furniture, appliances, or old toys. You’re welcome to come and crab them, an activity often referred to as “stooping” or “curb mining.” This isn’t just a way for broke folks to furnish their homes for free, it’s also a way to get rid of stuff you no longer want, without the guilt associated with adding to the landfill problem. There’s no single curb alert system, so choosing which one to follow depends largely on your local area and what folks are using to get the word out. Some of the most common ways to get curb alerts include: 

  • Nextdoor: This social platform connects folks in a single neighborhood, and it has a whole section devoted to free stuff being put out on the curb. 
  • OfferUp: Although used mainly to sell unwanted items, OfferUp allows you to list a number of items for free, so filtering listings on a regular basis can act as a curb alert. 
  • Facebook: There are numerous public groups dedicated to curb alerts on Facebook, so it’s just a matter of finding one serving your local area. • 
  • BuyNothing: BuyNothing a platform where people can give things away, lend, and share among neighbors. It supports a network of local communities that make it easy to give away (and claim) unwanted stuff.