The Special Clause That’s In All of Queen Latifah’s Contracts

Rapper and actress Queen Latifah has become quite popular since the debut of her album All Hail the Queen in 1989. Often described as the “First Lady of Hip Hop,” she paved the way for women to join the rap scene, which at the time was largely dominated by men. Aside from her music career, she’s also known for her television and movie roles, first hitting the small screen as Khadijah James on the 1993 Fox sitcom Living Single. Her latest endeavor is her role as Robyn McCall on the CBS crime drama The Equalizer. Although her talent in a variety of roles is recognized worldwide, her characters in past movies seem to have one thing in common — they all died. In the 1998 sci-fi film Sphere, her character met an unfortunate end after being stung to death by a swarm of jellyfish, and in the 1999 film The Bone Collector, her character, Thelma, was abducted and killed by a serial killer. Still again, in the film Set It Off, her character, Cleo Sims, is killed in a shoot-out with police after a failed bank robbery. That’s when the now 53-year-old said enough is enough and got a “no-death” clause put into her contracts. "I'm like hold on, wait a minute, if I die in these movies, I can't be in the sequel,” said Latifah. That’s when she got her agent on the phone and said they needed to put a no-death clause in all future movie contracts.