Faux Freckles Are the New Beauty Trend

Freckles are currently so in demand that beauty salons are offering to tattoo them onto clients’ faces. The beauty marks — which occur naturally as extra patches of pigment under the skin known as ephelides — are inked onto customers’ cheeks, nose and forehead. The semi-permanent tattoos have become popular in recent times, as people turn what was once seen as a flaw into something to be celebrated. While some people’s freckles are placed sparsely around their faces, others seem to have a concentration of freckle tattoos around the center, situated just under the eyes. While the tattoos appear bright red at first, they eventually settle down to a more subdued color, giving them a natural look. What tattoo artists are warning potential customers is that the faux freckles only last 2-3 years because of the type of ink that’s used and shouldn’t be confused with permanent tattoos done with regular ink. The cost of the cosmetic procedure runs anywhere from $150 to $300, depending on the area and amount of freckles required.