Signs That Your Cat Considers You Its Mother

Cat experts are taking to social media to make cat owners aware of the signs that their felines may have “imprinted” them. Feline imprinting is when a cat has developed a deep level of trust with their owner and considers them their mother. The first and most significant sign of imprinting is when your cat follows you around. It’s a common signal that shows that your cat loves you. If your cat is following you to the bathroom, into the kitchen, and virtually everywhere you go, it has developed a very deep attachment to you. That means your little feline is looking to you for love and company, as well as for cues as to what will happen next. If you have a clingy cat, it means your pet considers you the center of its world and is strongly bonded with you. Finally, if your cat spends a great deal of time on your lap or even sleeps with you, their trust of you is complete. It means they trust you to protect them and they consider you to be their mother. Felines will only sleep next to their favorite person, so if your cat is snuggling up next to you in bed, you’re their number one.