How To Keep Your Family's Grubby Paws Off Your Personal Snacks

Halloween gives everyone the excuse to demolish some candy. Even adults without kids feel encouraged to celebrate with a bag of their favorite candy. For those who happen to have a gaggle of kids running around the house, a formidable problem is how to keep your snacks safe from others. Whether it’s your significant other, young children, teenagers, or roommates, the folks in your house always want what you have. The most effective way to trick them into leaving your snacks alone lies in being a good observer. First, know your “enemy’s” palate. Figure out what they don’t like or can’t eat and capitalize on it by stocking your pantry with those snacks. Next, engage in “hide and sneak.” Once you’ve lived with someone for a while, you’ll begin to see their patterns — where they spend a lot of time and places they seem to avoid. If you’re worried about your husband stealing your treats, hide them in the laundry room. It’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll never be found. To keep your wife's paws off your favorite treats, hiding them in a toolbox in the garage is a fairly safe bet. For the kiddos, hide your snacks high up, out of their reach. Wherever you think your nemesis won’t venture, that’s where you should place your snacks. Finally, play “dress up”…….it’s time to put your snacks in costume. Hide them in alternative packaging, like putting the Doritos inside an empty bag of cauliflower chips. That way, you can even eat your Doritos in plain sight and not be worried about the kids wanting them. Tuck dark chocolate peanut butter cups in an empty edamame bag in the freezer, or slip your M&Ms into a box of tampons. Your best bet is to use a combination of all of these methods to create the strongest barrier to protect your personal treats.