Are You Blowing Your Nose Wrong?

There’s a good chance you’ve tried clearing your blocked or runny nose by reaching for a tissue. However, if you’ve been blowing with full force from both nostrils simultaneously, you’ve been doing it all wrong. According to ENT specialists, it’s better to blow gently from one nostril at a time. Although obviously not inherently dangerous, too much force can cause nose bleeds and dizziness. In fact, in extreme cases it can even lead to fractures. A stuffy or congested nose occurs when thin tissues lining it swell, and it’s the body’s natural response to bugs like colds and flu. Irritated nasal passages can trigger the overproduction of mucus, leaving you with a runny nose and making it harder to breathe through your nose. In addition to colds, other culprits that can lead to a blocked nose include allergies, a sinus infection, and some medications. The following illustration shows exactly how you should blow your nose to deal with a runny or blocked nose. For those who don't care for the sensation of blowing their nose, there are alternatives like using an over-the-counter decongestant, hot steam, and saline spray.