A Feud At a Senior Condo Complex Was So Bizarre That Even a Judge Had a Hard Time Believing It Was Real

The Carlisle is a senior residence complex in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. In 2014, a 2-bedroom unit with 2 bathrooms typically sold for $130,000, which at the time was extremely reasonable. Discerning shoppers who did buy in were made aware that there were rules that needed to be followed, including no screaming children running around the hallways and no pets. The condo complex also came with an age restriction — 55 and over. As they say, you can pick your furniture, but you can’t pick your neighbors, and therein lay the problem for one couple. An unidentified gentleman was moving in with his much younger wife, and that didn’t bode well with some of the other residents. It wasn’t long before a feud ensued, resulting in 16 acts of vandalism and 19 acts of harassment at the complex. Among the juicier accusations were egging cars, breaking chairs in the recreation room, opening and closing the parking garage gates in the middle of the night, removing door knobs, punching holes in the walls, and posting derogatory notes on the walls. Provincial Court judge Robert Hamilton put it succinctly when he said, “One would expect to find emotional children who have not yet learned the basic tenets of acting civilly towards each other, but not senior citizens.”