This Driving Tip Could Save Your Life in an Accident

When you got in your car today, you probably plugged in your phone or turned on the radio. If you’re a really safe driver, you may have checked your mirrors and adjusted them. The one thing you likely didn’t do was adjust the steering wheel. That, alone, could be the difference between a minor injury and a major one if you're involved in an accident. Sitting too close to the wheel could have deadly consequences in a crash. That’s because airbags inflate at 200 mph and produce up to 2,000 pounds of force. So, if you’re sitting too close to the steering wheel, the airbags can cause serious injuries. In addition, if you’re too close, the glass from the windshield can cut you if the front of your car collapses in a crash, and your steering wheel can trap you in place. There are two simple solutions to help prevent that from happening: (1) Stay at least 10 inches away from your steering wheel, and (2) make sure your steering wheel is positioned down. This will minimize a serious impact to the chest and face. Following these simple rules can help you survive an accident.