The Most Boring Day in History

Lots of things happened on Sunday, April 11, 1954, but a study by computer scientists at University of Cambridge say it was the most boring day since the dawn of the 20th century. A computer analysis of more than 300 million facts revealed that nothing of any consequence happened on that day. Hardly anyone notable was born, nothing crashed, no one was shot, little was built, and no memorable books were written. It seems that the most interesting feature on that day was an election in Belgium. It was a Sunday, so even the stores were closed. Imagine turning on the television, only to find out that day’s news was……well……nothing. No major events from the stock market, no sporting events, nothing notable from NASA, and no major films were released on that day. Someone had to have gotten married, died, or been born that Sunday, but for the most part, everyone caught a much-needed break from the news on April 11, 1954.