Now You’re Wearing Your Sunglasses Wrong

A debate has broken out between Gen Z and Millennials over the correct way to wear sunglasses. The debate began after Jordan Harper (above left), a nurse practitioner from Los Angeles, posted a video on TikTok in which her Gen z friend mocked her for the way she wears her shades, going so far as to say that's the "dad" way of wearing sunglasses. Millennial Jordan pushes the glasses further up her nose, while her younger pal says she’s showing her age in doing so. Gen-Zers tend to wear their sunglasses lower down on the ridge of their nose. Viewers were left divided over the best way to wear their shades, with some saying the “dad way” of wearing them further up on the nose blocks the sun, while others opted for the Gen Z style of wearing them down on the ridge of the nose so they can show off their sculpted eyebrows. So, who do you think is right — the “narcissistic” way or the “dad” way?