McDonald's is Phasing Out its Self-Serve Beverage Stations

Testing out all the possible soda combinations at your local McDonald’s will soon become a thing of the past. That’s because the fast-food giant will be phasing out what’s become a signature part of the McDonald’s experience — self-serve beverage stations. That means customers will no longer be handed an empty cup and directed to select their own beverage. The company is transitioning away from self-serve beverage stations in their dining rooms in order to create a consistent experience for both McDonald’s workers and their customers at all ordering points — meaning that whether you order your Big Mac Meal via McDelivery, the app, kiosk, drive-thru or in-restaurant, you’ll get your grub in exactly the same way. “It’s an evolution towards convenience and the result of the growth of digital service,” said Mikel Petro, an Illinois McDonald’s franchise operator. Other franchise owners mentioned theft prevention, food safety, and fewer dine-in customers as contributing factors for getting rid of the stations. Before customers go getting worried, free refills will remain. Online reaction to the elimination of beverage stations has been mixed, with those in favor of the change concerned about the hygiene of the stations, while those against the switch concerned with personal preference on ice-to-drink ratio and having to ask for refills.