Hot Dog! The Wienermobile is Back After a Short-Lived Name Change

In May, The Kraft Heinz Company announced that Oscar Mayer’s huge hot dog on wheels — which had been known as the Wienermobile since 1936 — was getting a new name: the Frankmobile. The renaming was to pay homage to the brand’s 100% beef franks and their new recipe. Apparently, fans of the Wienermobile weren’t having it, saying the name was……..frankly……..ridiculous. As soon as the news of the reversion spread through social media, fans of the Wienermobile began expressing their glee, with one commenting, “Finally! I can sleep easy tonight!” Oscar Mayer was headquartered in Madison, Wisc., for nearly 100 years before it moved to Chicago in 2015. The first Weinermobile was created in 1936, and it has gone through several changes since then. Apparently, the name will not be undergoing any future changes, with Kraft Heinz having learned their lesson about brand loyalty.