Secret Uses for Your Car Key Fob

How much thought do you pay to your car key fob? This piece of plastic may be little, but can help you do more than just unlock your car. In some cars, the car key fob can remotely start the vehicle during chilly days, depending on whether or not idling is legal in your state. Just look for the remote engine start button, often labeled with a circular arrow. You can also use your key fob to lower your windows. Just press your unlock button twice, holding it down the second time until all the windows are open. If you’ve maneuvered your car into a tight parking space, your key fob can help make sure your side-view mirrors don’t get knocked off when someone else is squeezing by. For cars that don’t do this automatically when they lock, try holding the key fob lock button for 10 seconds. Sharing your car with a gentle giant or someone whose legs just don’t have the same reach as yours? GMC offers some models that allow you to set a “memory” of where you like your seat. Each key fob is assigned a different number, so when you get in the car, it knows who’s driving. From there, you can set your seat preference and go.