Maine Coon Cats: Gentle Giants of the Feline World

Friendly……intelligent…….huge. These are all words that describe Maine Coons. They're a rugged, long-haired cat breed that has become a favorite of feline fans everywhere. From the breed's mysterious origins to its oddly dog-like behavior, Maine Coons aren't your average everyday house cats. They’re the largest of all domesticated breeds, gaining as much as 2 pounds a month during their growing cycle, which ends at about 4 years of age. While most adult cats weigh about 7 pounds, Maine Coons tip the scales at up to 25 pounds. The Maine Coon is the world’s longest domesticated cat breed, with both males and females typically reaching up to 3½ feet in length from their noses to the tips of their bushy tails. Maine Coons are also referred to as “the dogs of the cat world” because of their dog-like tendencies and their capacity to respond well to training. Their nickname — “gentle giant” — is well-deserved. They are gentle, sweet, loving cats that are very well-mannered and never use their claws inappropriately. While they’re not necessarily lap cats, they will always let you pick them up and hold them. The most surprising thing about Maine Coons — and something that sets them apart from other cat breeds — is their fondness of water. Unlike typical cats, who steer clear of water, Maine Coons will seek out opportunities to get their whiskers wet. Equipped with water-resistant fur, these felines don't mind taking a bath and will even go for a swim.