Residents of a British Seaside Village Say Hollywood A-Listers Are Ruining It

Locals in a Cornish seaside village that has seen a string of Hollywood A-listers snap up properties say their idyllic area is being destroyed by the influx. Residents of Mawgan Porth revealed how unaffordable million-dollar homes are being built in the hidden enclave by celebrities wanting LA luxury in the English countryside. Now, Cornwall’s “best kept secret” is on the brink of being overrun by homeowners who are demolishing traditional 1930s bungalows to build gigantic “LEGO block” homes that nobody can afford. Some residents say the celebrities are treating the area like Disneyland, not realizing that people live and work there. Many say they avoid the beach now because it’s too busy. After A-listers like Cate Blanchett, Stanley Tucci, and Jason Momoa moved in, residents dubbed the village “Hollywood-on-Sea.” Adding to this, many locals have complained that it’s unfair that these homes are only being sold privately and the public are unable to see floor plans, which attracts famous buyers. There are two airports in the area, and both have said that they’ve seen a significant increase in private aircraft use as the region becomes more popular with high net-worth purchasers.