Astonished Police Pull Over Driver Cruising Along With a Bull Riding Shotgun

Police pulled over a driver on a Nebraska highway after spotting his unusual passenger — a massive Watusi bull named Howdy Doody. The officers had been tipped off about the bizarre duo by other drivers who spotted the strange scene. The bull’s owner, Lee Meyer, had cut off half of the roof, windows and windshield of a former police car to fit his companion. On the side of the car was a sign that read: “Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade - Best Entry.” The car also had a miniature version of Howdy Doody’s big horns attached to the hood of the car. Unfortunately, Howdy Doody seemed to have gotten a bit nervous during the car ride, as a spray of his poo ran over the back windows when police pulled the car over. Fortunately, Meyer was only issued a warning and asked to take the animal back home. Meyer and Howdy Doody were then let go to return home to Neligh. No one was hurt in the ordeal and a lot of highway travelers got the show of their life.