We Contain More Bacterial Cells Than Human Cells

The majority of the cells that constitute “you” are, in fact, not human. They are microscopic organisms that are hitching a ride, making a living off your body. It might sound like science fiction, but this is a confirmed scientific fact. The human body contains 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells. Before you allow your imagination to scare you into a frenzy, let’s take a better look. These bacterial cells — collectively known as the human microbiota — live mostly in harmony with our bodies. We provide them with a suitable habitat and they return the favor by aiding in bodily functions like digestion and immune response. Our gut houses the vast majority of these organisms. We are, in essence, a walking, talking microbiome. There’s a dynamic relationship between our human cells and bacterial cells, and when this relationship is in balance, we thrive. When it’s out of whack, we may face health issues. So, the next time you glance at your reflection, remember……you’re not just looking at “you,” you’re seeing an intricate ecosystem.