The Dog That Went Over a Cliff and Survived

In 2010, Shauna and Tobias Swanson of Ashland, Ore., parked their Volkswagen Passat at the North Junction Scenic Overlook in Crater Lake, Oregon, to enjoy the view. They left their dog Haley, a white Dingo/Akita mix, inside the car. The emergency brake wasn’t set, and before long the car began to roll backward around the lot and over the rim more than 1,000 feet above the lake. As the car backed up, Haley began trying to escape. She ended up being ejected through the sunroof midway down the cliff. To the couple’s surprise, the little dog managed to scramble up the cliff some 600 feet to rejoin them. The entire climb up the cliff took the pooch about 15 minutes. While Haley suffered a few cuts above her eyes and nose that required a few stitches, she was otherwise none the worse for having taken such a monumental tumble. Unfortunately, the Volkswagen didn’t fare as well, scattering car parts and personal belongings down the cliff. The vehicle came to rest a few feet under the surface of the crystal clear water. The following day, park workers used a helicopter to hoist mangled car parts out of the area. Authorities believe it’s the first time a car has landed in the lake since 1922, when a brand new Lincoln rolled over the rim.