There Are Actually Companies Whose Sole Mission Is To Identify Dog Poo

If you live near a dog owner who doesn’t clean up after their pup, you can now get a dog poop DNA test to track them down. A company named PooPrints is one of a growing number of companies that will let you send in dog poop for detective work. The concept is simple, yet genius. When dogs move into a participating apartment complex or housing community, they undergo a quick DNA cheek swab……facial cheek. The information is then stored in PooPrints’ vast database. If someone stumbles across an abandoned pile of dog poop, a small sample can be sent to PooPrints for DNA analysis. Residents can then ask their apartment complex to ID and deal appropriately with the offending dog owner, normally with a fine. Needless to say, the business has unleashed a flurry of controversy. Residents complain that the service is a violation of their privacy, especially because the company is storing their pet’s DNA. Critics also point out that fines can disproportionately impact lower-income pet owners. According to the EPA, pet waste is as toxic to the environment as chemical spills and by holding pet owners accountable, PooPrints is turning unwelcome dog poop into a tool for cleaner, more harmonious communities.