Newly-Patented "Instant Ice Cream" Is an Impressive Feat of Engineering

Food scientists have created a machine that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to turn a liquid ice cream mix into a cold, creamy treat in just 3 seconds. The new way to create "carbonated ice cream" is very different from traditional ice cream. While traditional ice cream involves a dairy-based mix flowing through a heat-exchanging barrel until it starts to freeze, the newly-patented method has highly pressurized carbon dioxide passing over a nozzle and drawing in the liquid ice-cream mix. When the carbon dioxide goes from extremely high pressure to a lower pressure, it instantly cools the ice cream mix to about -158ยบ F, turning it into the frozen treat we all know and love. The new machine converts the liquid mix into a scoop of ice cream in about 3 seconds, and it can be made commercially, locally, or you can make it at home. If everything goes according to plan, we could be seeing commercially-available ice cream machines hitting the market in the near future. That means anyone will be able to make fresh ice cream in the comfort of their own home in about 3 seconds.