Property Owner Returns to Connecticut and Finds New $1.5 Million House On His Land

Dr. Daniel Kenigsberg grew up in a house his parents bought in 1953, when he was just a year old. After attending medical school in New York and completing his residency in Maryland, Kenigsberg and his wife raised their two children on Long Island, across the Sound from Fairfield. Kenigsberg never lost his fondness for the town, and for decades held on to a vacant parcel of land just under a half-acre next door to his childhood home. He had hoped to pass it on to a future generation of Kenigsbergs. In May, Kenigsberg received a call from a childhood friend who still lives in Fairfield, who mentioned that a house was being built on the lot next to Kenigsberg’s childhood home. The next day Kenigsberg went to the area to check it out and discovered a 4-bedroom house, nearly completed, on his parcel of land. Further investigation turned up land records that showed that a firm known as 51 Sky Top Partners LLC had purchased the lot from Kenigsberg 9 months prior for $350,000. That was news to Kenigsberg, who immediately contacted his attorney. Today, the 4,000-square-foot house sits empty. It could be some family’s dream house, but who knows how many years it might take to settle the lawsuit. A broker offered Kenigsberg $400,000 for the property, later lowered to $350,000, in the spring of 2022, but he turned it down. “I’m angry that so many people were so negligent that this could have happened,” said Kenigsberg.